Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SAP R/3 : Benefit - Dental File

In a recent week of work, a program was required to extract employee data into a third party system. The very main requirement was to extract and process employees data into 4 record types.

The first record is known as the 10 record type. This first record types holds the eligibility of employee for dental. The second record is known as the 20 record type. This holds the address of the employee. The third record is known as the 30 record type. This indicates whether the employee is either terminated or still active. However, this 30 record type will not be generated if the employee is still active. The last record is known as the 40 record type. This will list out all the valid dependents belonging to the employee. Dependents can be his wife, children or relatives.

A specification was made out by the functional consultants detailing the relevant fields. The first record type are obtained via "GET PERNR". The second record type is obtain from infotype Addresses. The third from infotypes Action (0000) and the last will be the infotype COBRA Health Plan and Health Plan (0211, 0212 and 0167). Then the list of valid dependents from infotype Dependents (0106).

Though the program is fairly easy now but it was quite tedious because the program need to determine when a dependent was drop or added when user selects a range of date for reporting. That was arduous as I need to make the program smart. Dropping meaning the employees drop one of its dependent from his or hers Health Plan or COBRA Health Plan. Adding meaning employees adding one of its dependent into his or hers current Health Plan or COBRA Health Plan. Regardless of it, i took about 4 days to complete it and another 6 days for maintenance in order to improve the accuracy of the reporting.

is sky the limit... benefit dental file extraction