Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SAP R/3 : Benefit - Vision File (VSP)

A copied file of the PMI (medical) benefit file was being used to modify to suit VSP file and the logic was a little different from it. VSP is a vision plan benefit that will capture all employees eligible for its plan. Several changes was defined and required some minimal logic alteration.

1. The structure. There are two structures that VSP is using for file extraction. The employee and the dependent.

2. The logic. Several logic has been tuned and modify (minimal but heavy testing for quality assurance) was made to suit VSP. The process requires first, filteration of all employees who are active either in employment or in COBRA. Retirees or Terminated employees are excluded from the extraction. However, retirees or terminated employee with health plans (0167) and COBRA (0212) still valid, they can be included into the file. So far this is the only difference comparing to PPO file. Other than these, its the arrangement of items in the file. There are VSP Plan Date begin and VSP Plan Date end. End date should only be display if its within the selection period.

3. Other standard functions used in this program is the GUI_Download_File call function.

The work was scoped for 29 hours. Most of the hours were used for corrections and testing. Loads and loads of batch testing was conducted to minimize errors.

Is sky the limit... benefit vision plan file

SAP R/3 : Customizing ABAP report to have a Menu Bar...

To create or customize a button onto your ABAP report requires you to use transaction code se41 (Menu Painter).

Here is a few simple steps:
1. I assume you have a report at hand for customization.
2. Go to se41 (Menu Painter)
3. Create a status, ZMHR_(description)
4. Declare a few function keys (you will need to do this before proceeding to step 5)

setting function keys

5. Declare the function keys in step 4 into your application toolbar.
6. Save and activate.

Then go to your ABAP program, just one line after Start-of-Selection, put this code:

set pf-status .

Finally, save and activate. You will see your created buttons on the menu toolbar.

If your buttons are somehow not displaying, go back to se41 and look around if you have correctly declared your function keys.

is sky the limit... setting your pf-status...