Thursday, October 16, 2008

SAP R/3 : LOTUS Notes Receive .SCR File

Editor: This will be a simple entry. Source of error is directed at email format receiving at your email end has error.

Email content displayed as .SCR. Recently, my development with SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 had a problem which my email display its content incorrectly. Instead of the content I wanted, it was attached with a file. This file is a .SCR file. I am using LOTUS Mail and this error had occured at my workplace. I am not sure if any of you guys using other type of email servers having this error. Maybe Microsoft Exchange does not have this issue at all.

Nevertheless, if you come across this issue, you can check out this OSS notes 171698. Again, the attachment in the email display your contents with .SCR file format. This normally occurs if your developer uses SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 to send notification to users. The problem is not restricted to this FM but other send email function modules too.

OSS noteNote 171698 - SAPconnect: Formats, conversion, and device type.

is sky the limit... 171698, Email as .SCR

SAP R/3 : Spelling Currency to Words

There are a few ways to spell currency into words. However, it is limited to few languages and its denominations that you can maintain in the T015Z table or your server's language. In order to spell a string of currency, for example, USD 102034.00 or VN 23,000 then you will either need to use an SAP standard FM or you might need to write it out yourself. Here are some options:

1. Call function 'SPELL_AMOUNT'
2. Call function 'HR_IN_CHG_INR_WRDS'
3. Customized a function to convert currency that is not supported by SAP

PS: Another option is check SCC4 for your language/currency or see table T015z or TCURC for currency.

is sky the limit... currency to wordings