Friday, March 31, 2006

SAP R/3 : MiniSAP & MySQL - Part 1

Today i got hold of a MiniSAP. It will be a great moment tonight. I shall be at my notebook and looking at the screen to figure out ABAP. Moreover, i also had just download a MySQL installer.

More will be reveal after tonight or this weekend.

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SAP R/3 : ZHRI0008 & SM69 - Part 2

ZHRI0008's logic was change as a result of inaccurate report. Its result was compare against PT_QTA10 (Leave Balance Display). PT_QTA10 is a standard SAP ALV report. Calculation on the entitlement, taken, compensation and balance was not accurate. Therefore, it was suggested that the report would only take values from infotype 2006.

So I was back to the drawing board. Considering the fact i have to go through PT_QTA10 to understand its logic behind. It took me half a day to figure that out. This program uses a call function "HR_GET_QUOTA_DATA". This function will take out all the necessary leaves for an employee. It saves time.

However, on one hand, ZHRI0008 logic was already well written just that it is taking infotypes 2001, 2006 and 0416. The new design will eliminate process on 2001 and 0416. So this would my life much easier by focusing on 2006.

Infotype 2006, is an Absence Quota Time Record from HR module. It stores all the accumulated taken leaves, entitled leaves and also the compensated leaves for employee.

So the new program will be focusing on the three fields, ANZHL and KVERB. KTEXT is the balance equal ANZHL deducting KVERB.

As usual, the whole other interface and KRONOS OS Command remains the same. Only the logic for leaves calculation changes.
In summary:
1. ZHRI0008_ON_IT2006 was created
2. ZHRI08_IT06 transaction code was created
3. Two new include files were copied to distinguish the new and the old files.
4. Infotypes 2001 and 0416 were taken out.
5. Vacation and Sick calculation deleted.
6. Put in a new calculation based infotype 2006 only.

At the end of the day it took me 14 hours to investigate, implement and testing. So far it has been send for testing. For previous amendments, please click here for more of it.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SAP R/3 : ZHRI0008 & SM69 - Part 1

ZHRI0008 was quite a lengthy issue with a lot of in and out of emails between consultants. However, the issue was solve at end. It had cost me a lot of time and many misunderstanding in the emails.

ZHRI0008 is an ABAP program to interface with a third party software known as KRONOS. During the process, ZHRI08 or ZHRI0008 will determine whether files that is being used comes from the frontend or from the UNIX. Either two of this media storage type, the program will process the data by updating the latest leave (sick and vacation) by obtaining relevant row of records from infotype 2001 and 2006.

After all this process finish, the result is save to a file known as EMPBAL.TXT

This file is then use to interface with KRONOS. ZHRI08 will execute SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE to run a UNIX command so KRONOS will be able to use the EMPBAL file. This UNIX command being executed can be found in SM69 and SM49. SM69 is where ABAPer can create and make modifications to OS commands. While the latter displays job logs pertaining to OS Commands.

SM69 - External OS Command
SM49 - Job Logs External OS Command

1. Balance were incorrect calculated and sent to EMPBAL.
2. KRONOS were not correctly interface in QAS system.

1. I corrected the SELECT statement that finds records in IT2001 and IT2006
2. Reconfigure ZQUOTAS in SM69 ensuring that its OS command only runs back in its own system.

Edited - 31-03-2006
This program was later found not so accurate and the logic was changed. Please click here for more of it.

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SAP R/3 : ALV Page Break

It has been weeks and.. probably months having many attempts to solve the page break in an ALV report. We had tried using REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY_LVC and returning to use REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY but both still couldn't force...


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SAP R/3 : Converting EXCEL into Internal Table

Recently, i got an email requesting that how would one convert an EXCEL format report into SAP file system (internal table). Normally, ABAPer can use WS_UPLOAD to upload that file from EXCEL provided...


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SAP R/3 : CJI3 (SAPLKAEP + PS05)...

This modification of SAP standard is none other than the good ALV reporting program. Readers who are non SAP user would want to know that ALV stands for ABAP List Viewer. However, non SAP user would also want to know that ABAP stands for Advance Business Application Program...


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SAP R/3 : Combining Two Transparent Table... SE11

This problem had been left unsolved for almost two months. Now i am able to solve it.
Thanks Mr. Jackie Lee Seng Yong who had also help to solve this problem and Mr Yip Wai Yen who suggested this creative idea.
The problem or client requested was to able maintain two transparent table when they do transaction. After solving this problem, we have now two type of solutions to it. The first is to use coding to update both tables...


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VS NET : Game Development(GD) Experience...

I have been meddling with developing games (GD) for the past two years. From a simple two player English chess, a few tic tac toes and a maze game to an online game. But recently, i had not been able to continue with an online game. I can't say i am the expert... but just a beginner...


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VS NET : In 5 hours... i make a simple chat messenger...

SAP Problem.

A month of rumble in ME51N, still not going anywhere, Purchase Requisition... there must be something that i must have not done. Which part, where and how am i going to get myself out of this terrible problem. Nevertheless, lets not focus on this part yet. When i found the solution...


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In SAP ERP, programs are categorize in SAP standard program and user customized program. Both of these is always denoted by a SAPLXXX or an RXXX for SAP standard program and ZXXX for customized programs. Difference between these two types of program is that programmers are not usually advised...


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VS NET : Bulk or Batch Transfer in MS SQL Server 2000

Bulk or batch transfer can be done in SQL Server 2000. This is an advantage that user can applied in that application to fast bulk transfer. Millions of data can be process and transfer in seconds (or minutes)...


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SAP R/3 : Toolbar Not Coming Out in ALV

ALV (ABAP List Viewer) provides all the default toolbar, menu bar, grids, sorters and etc to programmers. However in a recent case, Yip was unable to program the toolbar out. Function to call the toolbar was called however it would not come out...

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SAP R/3 : User Exit Enhancement ZME51N

User exit is a common application or method that is apply in SAP application regardless of its modules or solution. Any ABAPer who does dialog programming will touch on user exit. User exit meaning a certain function is executed...


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Instructional Guide to Start ASP

The most BASIC tools u will need in order to start developing an ASP page.

You will need to install the following:
1. An IIS.
2. A database RDBMS
3. An Editor.

For newbies.1. where do you get an IIS?You will need to install a windows 2000 professional. After installing your win2k pro, reinsert the cd to install the ISS.Once u have install the IIS, ur adminstrative tools folder will have ISM (Internet Service Manager).Not only that will be provided, a main web folder to publish your ASP will in the C drive. This is where u store your ASP pages...


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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Re-introducing Technical

This technical blog is part of the initial idea of ISTL during re-vamp plan. Now it is the time to cast it out again to the public. Entry will involve :

2. VB .NET and SQL Server
3. ASP and ASP .NET

I know many you who are close to me will ask about this blog existence. Well, this technical blog is one way i am using it to store my knowledge on the things i learn and problems I solved. Though it will be very personal than the other three main blogs but i also encourage readers to submit their opinions and give comments. If you found any entry that you think i am wrong then you are welcome to give your remarks. But, please do it with the right way. You don't have to flame and curse. I will glad to correct it and rectify it and credit you for any findings.

Thank you.

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