Friday, January 12, 2007

SAP R/3 : Stock Status Program

Stock status versus budget is the latest program that i recently developed for a client. Much energy was strained to developed it. In the early stage, only two programs were required to combine to become one. So to say, after client viewing, it has now become a very large program with additional of another two programs.

This stock status program versus budget requires the following combination:
1. Outstanding Order
2. Stock Ageing
3. Production Manufacture
4. Delivery Manufacture

So this will become a total in aggregate to product types to display columns of Received Order, Oustanding Order, Stock Level more than 6 months, and the budget.

Although currently the program currently is still in testing stage. Hopefully by this Sunday, it should be ok for usage. I can't speak much of it now. I need to get myself organize on this and return to this post later.

is sky the limit.. a large program for one!

SAP R/3 : Stock Balance Report

I am now using SAP version 3.1 and the ABAP Editor is very crude. Its very different from the latest environment. Its totally different. Stock balance report was one of the report i maintained using this old system.

Added with a slow and unstable dial up connection, the maintenance was so troublesome and disheartening. Each testing and changes made will take half an hour or more. Ok, the report that i maintained today is a report that display a 5 line items.

1. The Opening balance
2. The Requirement
3. The Delivery/PO
4. The Balance
5. The Propose New PO

Each of this line item will display tonnage of stock that is used to monitor their stock level. The opening balance will show the leftover balance of stock including the safety stock. It will be calculated against the balance with item 2 and 3. The report will show the number of tonnage for 15 weeks in a row.

A few things were to take note when developing this report:
1. Less usage of SELECT... ENDSELECT to minimize burden to performance
2. More usage of FOR ALL ENTRIES IN and INNER JOIN.
3. Added and then removed GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS to control printing of blank pages.

is sky the limit... 3.1 is crude