Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SAP R/3 : Profit & Loss Report - Part 2

This profit and loss program has finally span to about one month and three weeks. Most of the time was spent in debugging and testing for additional requirements which were left out and accuracy in the reporting layout.

The very first amendment that took me quite some time after the first development was the reversal of FI documents (line items). FI modules in SAP allows reversal.
(Reversal meaning reversing a charge document in moments when there is a wrong charge or cancellation of order. This is my own definition and it could technically meant something else in a functional prospective as well as SAP's definition; so pardon me.)
All the six report in my program had to had the reversal mechanism following the standard SAP procedure so it took about one week and more. Apart from that the testing on the direct operating expenses took in the reversal and charge off too. So additional testing was required to ensure the accuracy of the report.

The second amendment came when the vendor reports related to cost codes being used in cost of sales report need to add an additional column. This amendment was a mistake not drawn in the layout but mention in the specification. So i was careless in this part; thus, a correction was immediately carried out in two days. So the vendors and its details are categorized accordingly to the cost code.

This project is a Project System (PS) and Account Receivables (AR), Account Payable (AP) combine reporting tool. Many late nights were carried out to complete this program. After all a 3000 line of codes really does worth my nights to make this program up and running smoothly. The best thing about this, the wholesome of AI logic taken in consideration when there is charge off, reversal, balance payment of direct operating expenses and most important, not to mention the ultra code that determine all mother of all problem, a certain cost code group that could take in other cost code groups only if it is not a VESSEL (This is another cost code group). This make the program a very challenging task and a lot of deployment of brain cells into activity.

Today, marks the last day of development for it has passed User Acceptance Test and will find myself less commit coming to maintain this PNL report. Unless, there are new requirements and another new challenging report that they are unable to report it out from SAP.

is sky the limit... profit a skill from this task and loss many sleepless nights!